Day Dreaming

One time for your mind while I rhyme ay
And I know you wanna **** with me baby
Telling me what you wanna do lately
Cause I've seen I've heard it all lately
Maybe we could get together
Under the shade for the sunny weather
And i like you cause you clever
Stacking up that paper redder
Loretta, she wetter, than Heather, so feather
And I be on my grind.. so Ill be like whatever
And with you on my mind and my love for you forever
Shorty she one of a kind so lets get get together..
So lets get get get together..
For that sunny weather..
I like you cause you clever..
Stacking up that paper better..
2.Turnt Up ft. Busy Kidz
3.Smoke Fly ft. JBo Escobar & Khaki
5.Super Sayen
6.Turnt Up Remix ft. JBo Escobar & Ray Rok - remix
7.Stone Cold Love
8.Break It Down
9.Chronic Break ft. Ray Rok
10.Natural High
11.Keep It Frank
12.Young Thang ft. Khaki
13.Jet Lag
14.Summer Night
15.Day Dreaming
16.Love Is Pain