Summer Night

The summer shine..on the summer rise..
Puffing on the good all through the night..
Getting high with the homies feeling right..
With the wifey looking fine by ma side..
I'm feeling good.. like I should...
Like I would… for my neighborhood..
From the motherland from the far east
For the haters that they said i couldn't do it..
And I do it.. cause I do it..
And I do it.. I do it fluid..
Gotta do what you love and do it fluent..
Like a falling star Imma about to shoot it..
Shoot it down.. prove it now..
Turn it loud.. for ya crown..
Giving it a hundred and by the pound..
With T-Crash on the beat you know that sound..
2.Turnt Up ft. Busy Kidz
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14.Summer Night
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