Smoke Fly ft. JBo Escobar & Khaki

J Bo.. in this bitch..
Lookin at the air like a give fick
Fake fuck muthafucka what you tryna trick
Trick so hard man cause she suck a dick
Love it hard.. she love it pretty..
Lookin real fly on them jeans baby
Lookin real good on them things baby
Gold chain on a muthafucka uh..
Sophisticated.. real debated..
Real fuckin hated by the murderers..
Heard of us.. J Bo..
Mistah Khaki in this bitch like I'm on throw
My flow hit you like limbo no info for them nymphos
I do it big and i said it right.. fuck hoes smoke for life..
Verse2 (Khaki)
I got my blaze on, purple on that haze on
Puffing on that lazing kush, swag it up with your sway on
Smoking till the day of the dawn, early morning stay strong
Put your put your chin up, gotta get yo get yo game on
Get yo game smoke that shit, puff in puff n pass till it splits
Grind it up, roll it up, light it up then pass to the next
Then i be blazing on the seaside, with a peace of mind
Peace to the signs joints in the air just getting just smoking right
Smoking high smoking dry smoking on that potent right
Anywhere by the ocean floating while I'm smoking like
Mind tainting every minute getting toasted grind up spinning,
Brain fried smoking turtle spinach, while I pop a Guinness, POP!
Verse3 (Al Rocco)
Ayo im rollin with.. its Rocco in this bitch..
You rolling with the team you know the dream with blue on lite..
You reconigi this clique.. we recnogi yo clit..
Stop feeling yourself fuck ya wealth while while we fuck yo bitch
Feelin kinda high low, phat blunt kush and a bad hoe
Fat ass chick on the ride low from the side while we ride getting ride on
We smoking till the morning.. get it on you moaning..
Hit the bong we yawning round two and we rolling..
And we rollin tilll the morning.. moaning till the dawning..
Holding down the smoke from this conning while she rollin..
And I know she wanna bone-in.. girl ill be on it
Call it what u wanna call it cause we grinding till we balling
Man.. middle fingers to them fake folks, laying low on the pay roll
Acting all good with a halo, when in fact they whack ass fake hoes
Don't give a fuck caking up getting bucked and getting luck
I'm getting fucked by yo bitch and yo bitch now whatsup..
from Jet Lag, released 23 July 2013
tags: al rocco china hip hop hip-hop/rap hong kong j bo khaki musicrap smoke fly trap urban Shanghai
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