Break It Down

And we back to the classics
Feelings real good homie real klassick
You can consider me born as a bastard
And climbing to the mountain top as my own master
Building castles on ma own grind
Picturing a better place with ma closed eyes
Getting in this work up with my low eyes
Independent artists homies that I co-sign
And I art it with the realest that it gets
Chilling with these bitches and we living with no stress
Fucking up these snitches and we giving it our best
Best believe.. we gonna be a hundred from the chest
A hundred and a hundred and I hunt it and bun it
And you running from ya fear and ya loving how I've done it
I'm coming and you coming baby and I know you love it
Uh.. and I know you love it..
2.Turnt Up ft. Busy Kidz
3.Smoke Fly ft. JBo Escobar & Khaki
5.Super Sayen
6.Turnt Up Remix ft. JBo Escobar & Ray Rok - remix
7.Stone Cold Love
8.Break It Down
9.Chronic Break ft. Ray Rok
10.Natural High
11.Keep It Frank
12.Young Thang ft. Khaki
13.Jet Lag
14.Summer Night
15.Day Dreaming
16.Love Is Pain