Young Thang ft. Khaki

Verse1 (Al Rocco)
I'm chilling out by the water I see this young thang..
She got that Pocahontas looking for some young fling..
Body smoking while she rolling on that good thang
Blowing like a boss and I see that she got that hood thang..
Without no man ring i knew she had to be mine..
I'm going in I'm coming out without no decline..
Wanna get to know you a little more before u see mine..
Cause you a young thang baby you a young thang..
Verse2 (Khaki)
She got that ***** its popping locking and dropping it down
With a booty so fat she got it riding it round
She spinning round though hotter the sound on the phone
Moaning so loud I know you wanna get it get it on
Get it on, Ima make you get it on
Ima take you down town wilding while we on road
She acting cold but she hot, i bet you get it a lot
You got me feening while you teasing cause you got it on lock..
Verse3 (Al Rocco)
Girl.. I be looking in your eyes
That I'm always on your mind, you could never hide ya lies
I'd be feeling like you feeling how we killing while we ride
I'd be illing while I'm grinning and I'm linning till I die
Uh.. style sicking and she real classy top
Baby show me what you got cause I know you got a lot
With these bubbles that we pop sipping bubbles at the top
Of the world with you girl I'm the key to ya lock uh..
Verse4 (Khaki)
Ace life.. your repping on the crew like
You smoking on that good cali tell me what it do like..
While you rolling up a blunt on seaside
Body on the front line, shawty go all night..
She shaking it she play, she loving on that ace, earthquaking it like bass
Moving it like water baby, rollin up that haze
Cause you kicking it with Khaki lady
Welcome to the AceLife..
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