Turnt Up Remix ft. JBo Escobar & Ray Rok - remix

Verse1 (Al Rocco)
And I see these fools they be acting up
Cause they see this muthafucka stacking up
Got a samara sword that I'd b packing up
While we racking bitch macking up
But i know these hoes don't give a fuck
And I know these hoes want it in the wah
Cause i know these hoes only want the buck
And I'm getting fucked baby test ya luck
And I'm coming through with my crew
With ma dudes now what it do
With ma boo and I'm feeling coo
Ana I'm feeling high and I'm feeling new
Cause its Rocco in this bitch and you know i'll be killing shit
And I'll be shitting on you muthafucking haters like a snitch
And I'm riding around I'm getting it.. Riding around I'm spending it..
Riding around I'm riding round this side of town she wetting it..
And I'm riding around I'm getting it..riding around and spending it..
I'm riding around in my crown in my town I'm bending it HA!
Verse2 (J. Bo Escobar)
Its J.Bo flow harder than a hurricane
Fuck a dollar and a dream got my gold chain
How you fit it on them jeans got that long train
How you digging 30 deep still aint no change..
Why u fuck with me now..
Way back when we run laps and our phone taps by them pigs now..
Stay pack on them fat stack on that Maybach's my aim now..
Real shit no bullshit just ill shit that thrill shit
Bitch.. Don't make me muthafuckin knock u out..
Don't make me block u out..
My punchline like landmine like landline
I'm on grind time its meal time..
I'm feeding rappers on a daily basis
Lets face it i do this its hell basic
Forgive me god for my heavy sins, the devil grin
Telling me to fuck Evelyn let me begin..
Cause she ride around she dirty.. she drink it up like slurpy..
She get around like murphy.. ass fat she curvy..
So I put on my D.I.C.K on that V.J.
I switch her up I spin her up and I bust it out like a DJ
J. Bo…
Outro (Ray Rok)
I hear them dudes talking they ain't saying nothing
I think these muthafuckas really need to cool out…
We came here anyway, we turnt up..
It's California that Im blowing out this zone it's too loud..
Don't make me act a fool out..
Turnt Up!
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