Chronic Break ft. Ray Rok

Hold up.. take a breathe while I roll up
Netter recognize the double-R on the blow up
And cone up while I phone up for ya hoe up
For the digits that ya mama dig this around the corner..
And show love.. cause even angles gotta hate
And even devils gotta love and we here to penetrate
While we concentrated and we here to levitate
Muthafuckers on the grind now you better recognay Ray
Verse2 (Ray Rok)
Coming from the studio, my nigga like who did you POOP on?
My vernacular is grey group on
Thorns like honey when the dijon
The DJ on, playing my song, whatsup ray ray
I'm like nah ma you saying it wrong
But because you a dime, I'm a spell my name one more time
Iss the P-A, P-A, R-A, Y
Or the R-A-Y, R-O-K I'm fly
Like ride around town wit my record on loop huh
Gave old girl her cue n took her out with a coupon
Think it was a groupon, say she was from tuscan
Met her her whole crew, they salute i put my troops on
At ease, n watch a nigga 91 degrees
Take em out they right mind
Obtuse with the juice
Pulp no fiction, and due to the diction
Damn she act wrong at jus the right time
Matter fact she act black at jus the right rhyme
But she a different kinda person in the day
Adjust the bright lines, n you could light up the night time
Light up something even better in CA
By the way Im from the daygo, make no mistake hoe
Pump yo brakes in my state and get macco
I make it so they never have to over look west
Now pass it like a open book test
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