Live From L.A - live

hey dada
i put it down for la rasa
go ask yo mama
why she always call me big poppa
the show stoppa
i got the illest mental
who breakin tracks laced on the instrumental
why you try to see me mackin hunnies
since you were wearing huggies
yo im getting money
aint no stopping me
my flow is growing oh so tight
im taking trips overseas
and im blowin up mics
freestyles with my homie hek
what you expect
heads bop on every track
and we getting respect
my production
do yourself without instructions
nonbelievers wanna dis and catch fatal concussions
belly up
what the fuck
yo you shit outta luck
baby miss
gimme kiss
i know you want some of this
out the blue
keep it cool
boo stay on the real
and just chill..
and try to watch m80 get ill
pass it over to hek
and watch him come with the real
we’re giving you something you can feel
live to new york from the city of la
hey yo we make you sway
getting grub at a club
with some rub-a-dub-dub
im mackin
im attractin
got a rubber for my sub
shoot a missle
its official
look at baby girl’s tissue
we poppin corks
straight from cali to new york
senorita victoria all up on her fork
get to convo and get to touch
im bangin ms superior
all up in her interior
baby screamin loud
music thumpin i aint hearin her
its me and my crazy world getting loose
a party at my house so nigga bring the juice
natural flex for sex baby still moanin
td in my sack
my dance' then im bonin
mrs surprise eyes
from chinese to thai-thai
everytime i get it cuz
suki makes me high so high
1.Intro - intro
2.Life's A Struggle
3.Life's A Struggle(Remix) - remix
4.Live From L.A - live
5.Trigger Effect
6.Love Song
9.Taiwan Pop Sucks,2000
11.Shang Guh
12.Beats Forma A Dusty Box
15.Interlude - intro
17.Outro - intro
19.Toy Story(Hidden Track)