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Lexie's Interview by TBS eFM 101.3

1. Could you briefly introduce yourself to our listeners (where you're from, what you're doing in Korea now, etc.)?
Hello everyone. This is Liu Yuyu, you can also call me Lexie. I'm from Changsha, China.I've been in Korea for about half a year now but sadly my Korean still sucks :) I came here to participate in an audition program which ended last month so now I'm working on some music here.
2. We know you came to Korea to participate on a singing audition show. How was it? What was it like to be on K-Pop Star?
Overall, it's been a great journey. Staying in a country that I knew nothing about all alone for six months, I learned a lot about this industry in Korea by actually being a part of it and I met many interesting people.
Most importantly, this experience actually made me see myself and my future plans clearer.
3. What was the most difficult mission/project on the show?
It was definitely teamwork. They put me into the group 'Mazinga S' after the 3rd round. I've always been a soloist when it comes to performing and I am kind of self-centered about all the details in performing. So I found it hard to work with other people because when it's some sort of collaboration, taking other performer's opinion into consideration is a must but you know, artists and artist-to-be ego will get in the way. Luckily, the other 3 girls in the group are all nice and easygoing so it makes things easier and I love them so much. I couldn't have gone so far in the show without them and I truly appreciate them.
4. Why did you choose a Korean TV show to appear on?
It was because the invitation came at the right time. An intern in the show found me on internet and invited me to sign up in August, while I was quite unsure about what to do in the next few months because i finished most of my tests and i don't need to go to school that much. Honestly I was dreaming about going somewhere new by myself and experience a real adventure before turning 18 and this is the perfect opportunity.
5. What motivated you to do music/to become a singer?
I feel like you don't have to go after what you love the most because it comes to you and it's always around. Me and my parents, we never thought that I will try to become a singer. Nobody actually studies music and art in my family but my parents made me learn dancing and playing the piano when I was little. It was just for hobbies, you know. Of course, I've always been a music lover but the singer thing just came to me naturally in my 14th. So my inborn and cultivated passion for music is probably my motivation.
6. (You'll sing live here)
7. What kind of songs/musicians do you like the most?
My favourite musicians are Drake and Lana Del Rey, which means that the genres that I like are Hip Hop, R&B and ambient.
8. Do you write songs as well? If so, what kind of songs have you written so far / what kind of songs do you write?
Yes I do. The songs I wrote are basically pop, ambient and some EDM.
9. (Going on to today's theme of Shuttle Men : Songs that inspire you the most)
Talk about today's theme a little bit.
The song that inspires me the most is 'Beautiful' by Christina Arguilera. Yeah, I know a its pretty cliche answer but I gotta say that this song is doing well in delivering its positive message of encouraging people to believe in the fact that they are beautiful in their own way. Plus, the music video is very touching, too. It supports all of the discriminated communities by telling them 'You are beautiful in every single way and words can't bring you down.' To me, it's really important to love myself and believe that i have the power to do what I want. Every time i listen to the song, I feel the positive energy and the encouragement.
10. We'll be saying goodbye by listening to your pick for the segment.
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