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Same shit just a different day 每天过着同样的生活
Different hoes at the same place 唯一换的就是身边的女人
Bring your friend let's have a threesome 带上你的闺蜜 我们一起玩吧
Call your friend let's have a three-way 打给你的闺蜜 我们一起玩吧
Six bitches only three face 感觉女人其实都差不多
Black on black cash in the briefcase 挂念的都是手提箱里的钞票
85 down to freeway 还有高速公路上的刺激
Breeze in the air, God damn 空气里弥漫的香水味
Panties off she be here, God damn 被扔在地上的衣物
Beatin' like the snare, God damn 不能控制的心跳加速
I feel like the man, God damn 我感觉像个大人物
I just popped a xan, God damn 刚刚吞了一片药
Liquor on my pants, God damn 看着裤子上的酒渍
Nose bleeding I'm so high 鼻血都要流出来了 我飘飘然着
Think I got her in a dream, God damn 是在做梦吗
blood stepping I'm that guy with the Lamont 血压升高 我带着波尔多葡萄酒
You know I got the Lamonts on,the Lamont... 你知道的
You know I got the Lamonts on 是的
Yeah, Blood dripping in some Louboutins 酒滴落在Louboutin的高跟鞋上
They do lines while they sippin' wine 她们品着美酒也不忘寻欢作乐
Pussy on me feel like Valentine 她们围着我 浪漫得像情人节
They don't waste no time, waste no time, no 也从不浪费时间
Cherry vine going down the spine, 樱桃藤蔓缠绕一样的吻
beat her up until the morning time 让我想和她享受到早晨
Liquor, linin' then I feel a lil awkward something genuine 酒精让我产生幻觉 但我知道
Now she lost her mind , oh no 她已经失去控制了
I gotta hit it and go 但我得做完就走
I can't be lovin' these hoes 不能对这些女人动真心
Stack up the bread with my bros 要和兄弟们努力工作
Then I get back on the road 然后我再继续游戏
Fillin' her nose with that blow 用感官麻痹她的思维
She fell in love with that snow 她爱上了那样的感觉
I can't be lovin' these hoes 但我不能爱上这样的女人
No I can't be lovin' these hoes 真的不能这样做
It's 5 in the morning 再看时间已经是凌晨五点
I Never stay over yeah that's right 但我不打算在这过夜
so I gotta grab my keys and u know I gotta leave 抓起钥匙打算离开前
I can't get it too deep 不动心也不浪费时间
light light light it up 把房间照亮一些
Imma hit it one last time 最后我们再来一遍
One last time boy u know u fine but I never cross that line 我从不越界 你的确可爱但这并不新鲜
We turned it out like pitch black 昏暗的灯在漆黑的夜里
watch me do my work when you sit back 你坐着看我不停努力
Take them hoes outta yo mind like a bin bag 将你脑海里的那些杂念都像扔垃圾一样丢弃
you looked at me oh I can't breathe 你的眼神游离 我不再需要任何肯定
like I need no other feedback 你让我心跳加速无法呼吸
Wait, Don't get me wrong 等等 别误会我了
The fact is that I know you never do me wrong 其实我知道你一直对我很好了
but I don't belong with anyone, 但我在任何时候都不属于任何人
anytime don't even think about it 你也不要抱有幻想
cuz I'm sure u ain't the special one 我尤其不属于你
Shit where my phone is at 临走前竟然找不到手机了
I don't have your number but I know I ain't gon call you back 似乎没有你号码但是也没关系
But I ain't gonna call you back Call me maybe but I ain't gonna call you back 毕竟我永远不会打给你
I gotta hit it and go 我也得做完就走
I'm ain't no one of these hoes 我和她们不一样
Just go and hang wit your bros 出门见你朋友吧
Imma get back to the road 我还有其他事 必须马上就走
You know how that story goes 你知道这种事
Nobody else has to know 不需要任何人点头
They tell you“ hold me real close” 她们让你紧紧抱住她们
I ain't no one of these hoes 而我不需要你的拥抱
I ain't no one of these hoes 更不会为你停留
I ain't no one of these hoes 我不需要你的拥抱 更不会为你停留
I ain't no one of these hoes 我不需要你的拥抱 更不会为你停留
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