RUN DA WAY (Prod. Fly melodies)

从Ghetto到 高楼大厦 RUN DA WAY
Keep moving On da way
吃光了所有口粮 穿过了河西走廊
幻想着能骑到BEVERLY HILLS 顺便再路过了Hollywood
开个玩笑 做了六小时得airplane
离开我的westside 都会算做bad trip
Ride the way ✕3
去适应这一切 不能再去cynical
Ya 爬上了岳麓山顶端
Woh 再去给毛主席请安
Ha 走进了解放西里面
Dra 离开家很好的体验
我的兄弟都在从天山脚下 对着电话说了一声 OHO!!
0991再到0731 不管哪里都算我的local
在哪里你都能find me
Do it for ma crew 野三七一直ride the way
Never seem to lose 把骆驼换成法拉利
从Ghetto到 高楼大厦 RUN DA WAY
Keep moving On da way
I put her in gavintchi (ah)
Had her on ma ducky (yae)
Now she wanna run da way(ah)
Tell her bring that ass my way(ah)
If she wanna smoke my doped
I pull up aventido (scre)
I guess you already no!!! I will be pushing dope deals
That's mo kills fxxxxxx no pills
If u ain't down with ma chiggas
xxx u ain't. Ah ma nigga
Spent a Mille on this purple
xxx u Ain't. on ma level
Watch me mess the temple
Messing with the mellow
Picture it donnatallo wipe a brick off the table
.check rest ferragmo treping in the bando bitch legs in extendedo
if u don't get it hw will I know
Tell em wat we do
Roll some can a nigga roll some
I've been tryna roll hard till a chigga popped up
Brought some girls with crop tops .
Me and dana Prada! loui gucci panda!
Trapping and popping ain't nothing!
Dropping the top with a rastamaan!
Blow it like a rasta maan!
Chiggas in my circles now! now I feel like Jackie Chan ching pow! pow!
KUNGFU STYLE! From the ghetto to cities and now we sell our style
1.RUN DA WAY (Prod. Fly melodies)