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Charge Up

Waguan my people
It’s been a while
Verse one
Yo! Many of you asking where I’ve been
That one no Dey matter
Anyhow e dey it’s win or win ye
Rap no nsaa y3
It’s in my gene
You just Dey talk
You think say e be moff
Tell me what you’ve seen
Man I am a lion ey
Me and my fam are stallion ey
On the hill of Zion ey
Me I never go die young
I hide small protect my peace of mind
I needed that for a while
S3 Wofr3 me bisa m’ase a
De3 m3ka ne s3 Nyame nhyira wo
Afe yi medi bugabuga paaa na 3remu
S3 w’anfr3 yen kraa y3b3ba b3 fa mu
I come from mud
I don’t know shame
Ade3 Nyame aka nu
3no a na 3b3bam
Nobody touch my fate ey
Listen Eno be debate ey
All you go fi do be hate ey
I sleep on you people of late
Barima, tie ha
Mete ha yi hwee mmu m’aba mu oh (2x)
Owuo Na wop3 ma me a
3nha me kraaa wo so wob3wu oh yeah
Me b)ne m’ay3 a ne s3 medo nnwom
Nipa Na 3kye mframa a ka menya bi
3nn3 s3 woti me kna 3y3 n’adom
Chale meb3k) m’anim
Mehw3 m’akye
I charge up
Charge up (2x) eee
I charge up
Charge up(2x)
S3 m’aka kyer3 mo
I charge up
Charge up(2x)
Verse 2
Mole s3 okum 9 rappers on bibii ba
woy3 sure?
abia other 8 no
ne )no ara ne ho cos me nipa
Yeyo nka wo
Medi me lane nti 3y3 a me mfa ho
3ny3 s3 bia meka n’anim s3 me ba no
Ade3 efri at) Na mede ato nea 3da na
This thing we dey do I no get size
e be me wey dey choose to talk about life
Rapper wey dey talk en truth and no lie
Nobody for cross again It’s alright
This year mede shatta wale tactics
3ne sarkodie nyansa na Mede b3wra mu
This time do or die things for move
Dey house den chat whiles I dey pick moves
S3 m’aka kyer3 mo
I charge up
Charge up (2x) eee
I charge up
Charge up(2x)
S3 m’aka kyer3 mo
I charge up
Charge up, charge up
Afei mo a na mobisa m’ase s3 mek) hy33 he no
I miss my fans mern
Mek) hy33 mukaase
Shoutouts to everybody
Na me ben me ho
2017 - 2020
Hong Kong
将立刻从网站上拿掉, 并向持有版权者致以最深的歉意