The Truth (Interlude) - intro

Being overlooked*
Being slept on,
Being started,
But I just keep going,
Being up, being down, payed dues, earned stripes, been in lawsuits,
Welcome to my life,
I'm too latin for hip hop and too hip hop for latin,
So u all figure it out I'm a keep rappin,
But that's ok,
Cause I'm a be on the top one day, .
Con pasiensia y vaselina el elefante se la metio a la ormiga...
And that's the slogan I line by,
Me I just hang in the hood, Ya'll just drive by,
Lights out lights out like a drive by,
My life is real I ain't got nothing to lie about,
You can ask anyone that's with me,
How this lil chico right here tookover the city,
Luke, tricky they were the start,
But that lil chico pitbull he was the spot,
Now this niggas picking up rappers like they knw what's up,
2at a time nigga who would have thought,
The bottom on top todays lil rappers not to take it to heart,
If you can't finish don't start hey,
If you can't finish don't start hey,
If you can't finish don't start raahhh.
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