Eazy Street

I'mma Break it down and tell a storyabout a nigga in the wrong territory
Sharon and
Shide is who he had to meethe made a right turn down the wrong streetnow whatta whatta whatta whatta pittya new jack in my muthafuckin' city[Dr. Dre]
Compton that isthey say it's niggaz pimpin'gangsta limpin'[Eazy-E]
But back back to the nitty grittybout this nigga slippin' in my fuckin' cityby the time that he realized that he fucked upthe stupid muthafucka got a foot in his assnow this is how the story goesdon't you ever bring your assin my neiborhood fuckin' my hoescause they all my hoes and even thoosethat i aint fucked with[]"fellas im ready to get up and do my thang!""Doin' it you know!"[Eazy-E]now lets get the story about the bitchesand tell how this kid went from right to richesnow he's drivin' fancy cars gettin' bitches galorehe was a dirty little boy that
I knew next door[Dr. Dre impersonating Mack Romey]
Mack the muthafuckin'
Romeythe one and onlymy dicks to hard to be lonely[Eazy-E]
Now this muthafucka braggin' on howhe got all this and that and he gotall these bitches callin' him
Big Daddyain't that a bitch how this muthafuckaget rich on my muthafuckin' streetthats supposed to be my god damn moneyand this bastard is use to wear platformshoes plad pants and nappy ass hair undera fucked up hat now lets kick the storyabout that[Eazy-E]
When the sun fallsand the shit falls downso when people start comin' aroundknockin' at the door sayin' we want moreand moms wonderin' what the fuck they here forrock cocaine yea just as
I figuredbut he can do that cause he's that niggafrom
Eazy Street on the road to richesmoney, cars, houses, and hoes thats how thestory goes and if the nigga stays up youknow he can't be beat all this shit happenson
Eazy Street[Eazy-E]
Now back to the story about the bitches[Dr. Dre]about the what![Eazy-E]
The bitches, the bitches, the bitches yothe bitches that wanna get with methe
E, the A, the
Z, the Y, the
Eso whats up bitch yo you wanna playyo why don't you kiss whats behind the button displaymy dick gets[Dr. Dre]
Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh up[Eazy-E]
Like Ballpark
Franks babyplump when you cook 'emyou know what
I meanmy dick gets[Dr. Dre]
Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh up[Eazy-E]
Higher than a muthafucka[Dr. Dre]
Shit thats sure enough funky right thereyo
E kick some knowledge man explain to 'emwhat you mean[Eazy-E]
Uh oh dayday dum daycome on baby why don't ya suck it this wayaaaaah ooooh[Dr. Dre]
Shit don't find the phillie babylet it all hang out[Eazy-E]
I feel it comin' (I feel it comin')it's comin' now (it's comin' now)[Dr. Dre]
Kick it one more time[Eazy-E]
Uh oh dayday dum daycome on baby why don't ya suck it this wayaaaaah ooooh[Eazy-E]
Uh oh dayday dum daycome on baby why don't ya suck it this wayaaaaah ooooh[Dr. Dre]oh yeah yo
E give me a solo[Eazy-E][*Talking Weird*]you know...it all happens on
Eazy Streetyou stupid muthafucka!
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