Ruthless Villain (Edited)

1.Luv 4 Dem Gangsta'z (Edited)
2.2 Hard Mutha's (2007 Edit) (Clean)
3.Trust No Bitch (Edited) (Feat. D.J. Quik, Eazy-E & AMG )
4.L.A. Is The Place (Edited)
5.Findum, Fuckum And Flee (Edited) (Feat. Eazy-E)
6.Get Yo Ride On (Edited Version) (Feat. Eazy E and M.C. Eiht)
7.We Want Eazy (Remix) (Edited) - remix
8.I'd Rather F*** You (Edited) (2002 Digital Remaster) (Feat. Eazy-E)
9.Fat Girl (Edited)
10.Automobile (Edited) (2002 Digital Remaster) (Feat. Eazy-E)
11.P.S. Phuk U 2 (Edited)
12.Ruthless Villain (Edited)