Get Money (Feat Matt Toka

It's the first of the month
And I gotta pay the rent
And my car's broken down
Cuz it's a piece of shit
I got more bills than bills to spend
Whoever said more money more
Problems is a dick
When I grow up
I'm gonna be some rich
I'll never have a struggle or suffer like this
I'll have servants for my servants
And a castle for a crib
I'm gonna get money
Get, ge-get money
I'm out on a date
And I want to get ahead
And I'm broke at the bar
And I want to get wasted
I've got more debt
Than the government
Whoever said more money more problems
Is a bitch
Welcome to my island man
Take a whiff I'm stinky
Filthy, filthy
We got beer waterfalls
Lesbian pillow fights
Wallpaper made out of ice cream
Pyramids made out of gold
Monster trucks
Roller coasters
I'm rich bitch
I'll have a private jet
And my own island
And enough diamonds
To fill the Grand Canyon
Gonna rule the world
And start a religion
I'm gonna get money
Get, ge-get money
Money, money (repeat)
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