The Cloud Messenger, etc

1.Holst - The Cloud Messenger - I. O thou, who comest from heavens king
2.II. Tarry not, O Cloud, tarry not. Rushing northward...
3.III. Tarry not, O Cloud, tarry not.
4.IV. Tarry not, O Cloud, tarry not. Bow thy head
5.V. When the dancers are weary
6.The Hymn of Jesus - I. Prelude
7.II. The Hymn
8.Ave Maria, H49
9.The Evening Watch, H159
10.Holst - 7 Part Songs I. Say who is this
11.7 Part Songs II. O Love, I complain
12.7 Part Songs III. Angel spirits of sleep
13.7 Part Songs IV. When first we met
14.7 Part Songs V. Sorrow and Joy
15.7 Part Songs VI. Love on my heart from Heaven fell
16.7 Part Songs VII. Assemble, all ye maidens
17.A Choral Fantasia
18.A Dirge for Two Veterans
19.Ode To Death
20.This have I done for my true love
21.4 Part Songs I. O lady, leave that silken thread
22.4 Part Songs II. Soft and gently
23.4 Part Songs III. The autum is old
24.4 Part Songs IV. Winter and the birds