Rejoice in the Lamb, Op.30

1.Rejoice in the Lamb, Op.30:1. Rejoice in God, O ye Tongues
2.Rejoice in the Lamb, Op.30:2. For I will consider my cat Jeoffrey
3.Rejoice in the Lamb, Op.30:3. For the mouse is a creature of great personal valour
4.Rejoice in the Lamb, Op.30:4. For the flowers are great blessings
5.Rejoice in the Lamb, Op.30:5. For I am under the same accusation
6.Rejoice in the Lamb, Op.30:6-8. For H is a spirit...For the instruments are by their rhimes...Hallelujah
7.Missa brevis, Op.63:1. Kyrie eleison
8.Missa brevis, Op.63:2. Gloria in excelsis Deo
9.Missa brevis, Op.63:3. Sanctus...Benedictus
10.Missa brevis, Op.63:4. Agnus Dei
11.Ceremony of Carols, Op.28:1. Procession
12.Ceremony of Carols, Op.28:2. Wolcom Yule!
13.Ceremony of Carols, Op.28:3. There is no rose
14.Ceremony of Carols, Op.28:4. That yongë child
15.Ceremony of Carols, Op.28:5. Balulalow
16.Ceremony of Carols, Op.28:6. As dew in Aprille
17.Ceremony of Carols, Op.28:7. This little Babe
18.Ceremony of Carols, Op.28:8. Interlude
19.Ceremony of Carols, Op.28:9. In freezing winter night
20.Ceremony of Carols, Op.28:10. Spring Carol
21.Ceremony of Carols, Op.28:11. Deo Gracias
22.Ceremony of Carols, Op.28:12. Recession